Monday, June 26, 2006


Other choices in Seattle

We're just getting started but a few others in the city are also exclusively working with search engine optimization, marketing and advertising. If we were going to pick one to work with, we'd want to make sure to judge them by the same systems the companies need to be expert with -- search engines. A good test keyword phrase in this case is "seattle search advertising"

Check out the top results. Mixed in with a lot of articles about search from the Seattle newspapers are a few companies in the Search advertising business. You might want to give the companies that appear highest in the results bonus points as you consider who to hire. Being able to manipulate the engines is one thing but, more and more, search engine presence is earned through legitimate relevance factors. You can spin around the Web to learn more about relevance and see that many of the ingredients to good search presence correlate with ingredients you want in an expert service provider. As of this posting, here are three local companies that bubble near the top:

  1. Freedman Consulting
  2. SearchWrite
  3. Web 1 Marketing
Surely, their positions near the top are precarious at best -- things change fast. We're hoping to join their ranks as we grow into a widely followed, strongly relevant voice. Interestingly, none of these three have paid advertising associated with this keyword. Maybe they don't need it given how well they perform in the natural results. Or maybe they've left a hole for others to wiggle through in the race to the top.

Friday, June 23, 2006


If you go it alone, 10 mistakes to avoid

Visitors to this site are looking for information to either get started using Adwords and search advertising or to improve their existing campaigns. Welcome! Here's a great list from Sitepoint of 10 deadly sins to watch out for if you are running your own campaigns.

If you'd rather turn this over to an expert, check out our rates and services and drop us a note! :)

The real value of the list is in the accompanying article explaining each item so make sure to read the whole thing. It's golden!

1. creating a long list of less than targeted keywords
2. failing to identify unique aspects of your product or service
3. a lack of keywords in your ad text
4. directing users solely to your home page
5. creating single ad groups
6. utilizing single campaigns
7. using broad match only
8. failing to optimize ad serving for your ads
9. failing to track results
10. entering the content network without modifying bids

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How to use Google to buy votes

Most of Red Rac's work revolves around helping people get gigs and new customers. A local search advertising strategy can be an efficient, cost-effective way to surgically get your business in front of customer eyeballs for everything from wedding photography to motorcycle shops. We think we can also help in some of the messiest, expensive customer-seeking ever -- politics!

Seattle's 43rd legislative district has a spirited race shaping up. It's interesting (to us, at least!), to note how few candidates are working with search advertising to help get their messages out. For example, searching for the candidate with the largest campaign coffer returns a lot of results that aren't the first pages Jamie Pedersen would probably like a potential voter to see:
His campaign page comes up 3rd or 4th on the page and is mixed in with all sorts of less desireable 'messaging' about him and his campaign. Seems like Pedersen might want to pay a few cents per click to emphasize his own message and make sure to give his campaign link more prominence.

Another candidate from the 43rd has things a bit better. Lynne Dodson's campaign page rises to the top of the 'natural' Google results so she's good there. But she still might want to consider the small cost of having a controlled message appear on the page in addition to the data Google is grabbing off her campaign site. Plus, she'd get some insurance in the event the search engines start to rank another 'Lynne Dodson' page higher.

It's the same case for the rest of the candidates in the 43rd - at this point, none have a presence in the paid search ads on Google or any other engine. As the Internet surpasses every other medium as a source of information, it's a missed opportunity that could easily cost someone an election.

Monday, June 12, 2006


Who shouldn't bother with search advertising

While there are many business sweet spots that will thrive with the proper advertising campaigns, some areas are either not worth a large extra investment or are already so clogged up with advertising that it will be difficult for you to make an impact.

These not-so-sweet spots include:
And, again, 1000s more! Now, it doesn't mean these are bad businesses or that you can't mount a successful search advertising campaign for these areas. But you'll have your work cut out for you. Good luck!


Who should consider search advertising?

Advertising across Google, Yahoo! and MSN is a great way to reach your customers. Just think how frequently you 'google' what you're looking for. As the experiences grow and improve, more and more searchers are interacting with the most effective search ads. You'll see the big guys -- Amazon, eBay, etc. -- advertising all over your searches because of this. Often, these ads do nothing but add to the clutter, though, as the big guys are trying to grab a lot of little bites out the big random pile of searches. They waste a lot of screen space for serendipity -- hoping you'll decide you want to check out books on 'seattle landscaping' when what you're really looking for is Seattle landscaping. Your business, unlike the Amazons and eBays of the world, has a distinct advantage -- your business offers a unique service that the customers are actually looking for.

Here is a list of the types of businesses that can benefit from this anti-serendipity. The key is that these are all services that people need every day and are willing to pay for. They just need to find you. The key is to figure out how many news customers it takes to justify the expense of working with Red Rac and paying for the keyword bidding. Higher-priced gigs are great -- trying to sell your bands CDs? Better leave that kind of work to Amazon.

Sweet spots in search advertising
And, likely, a list of 1,000s more that we haven't thought of yet!


Services & Rates

We don't offer a long menu of price levels and services. Instead, we keep things simple and focused. Here are our two options for you to consider:

Contact Red Rac Search Advertising, LLC today


What you get:
Full search engine advertising campaign support--
Additional costs:

$500 + up
Is your competitor's Web site trouncing yours in Google? Have a search issue that you'd like an expert to look into? We take on select cases only when we think we can truly help and make an impact. There are infinite moving parts that can be tweaked, twisted and improved to change a page's presence in search results or how a search ad performs. We'll give you a full report on your special situation and suggestions for change.

Friday, June 09, 2006


Search Advertising for Seattle (and beyond)

The great revolution in advertising isn't just for the global super businesses like eBay and Amazon. It's for you too. We're bringing this new world to our city's neighborhood businesses. Of course, we can help small businesses anywhere on the planet, too.


Hello world

And so it begins

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